Quotes & Payments

Urban Anaesthetics is made up of highly qualified specialist anaesthetists who are all independent practitioners. Each practitioner is highly trained and has many years of experience.

Anaesthetic fees are charged separately from all parties involved in your surgical care. As each anaesthetist is an independent practitioners, their fees will vary.

Anaesthetic fees are determined by several factors:

  1. Type of surgery
  2. Complexity of surgery
  3. Duration of surgery
  4. Patient health
  5. Health fund

Anaesthetic fees are covered in part by Medicare and your Private Health fund. However, in most cases, this will leave a gap payment. The size of the gap payment will vary depending on the rate offered by your health fund.

Government regulations prevent patients from insuring against the full cost of medical fees. Gap fees have arisen because the Commonwealth Government has not indexed Medicare rebates adequately for the past twenty-five years.

Financial consent will be provided to all patients on an individual basis. This will outline an estimate of anaesthetic costs including your estimated gap payment.

For all uninsured and cosmetic procedures, full payment will be required prior to your surgery.

For further information or any queries, please contact us on 03 9528 4455.