Dr Abhay Umranikar


Dr Abhay Umranikar is a Consultant Anaesthetist, who specialises in Anaesthesia for patients with complex medical conditions. Abhay obtained his medical degree with Honours from Monash University in 1989. He completed his anaesthesia training in 1999 and since then has worked as a Specialist Anaesthetist in a variety of teaching hospitals including Western Health, Ballarat Base and Royal Darwin. More recently Abhay has commenced full time private practice. Abhay’s practice covers a broad range of surgical specialities including obstetric and paediatric surgery. Abhay has always maintained a strong academic interest to ensure his clinical knowledge remains up to date. This involves weekly reading and appraisal of a variety of peer-reviewed scientific publications, covering both clinical medicine and basic sciences such as physiology and pharmacology.

Previously, Abhay has been an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne and is an Examiner for the Final Fellowship Exam for the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) from 2010-2018. He is also a regular lecturer at Monash University and examination preparation courses run by ANZCA.

In addition to his strong clinical and academic credentials, Abhay has a broad range of interests outside medicine. These include sport, art, music, photography, travel, food and wine. He is a father to two happy boys.

Abhay views each patient as an individual with unique and sometimes challenging medical issues. He is a sympathetic and patient listener and is more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your forthcoming surgery.